Most people rarely are involved in the sale of estates or personal items and have little idea of what to expect. Roger will meet with you and provide a free, no-obligation assessment of your situation. He will explain all of the options he has available to liquidate your items. Some of these options include estate auction, direct sales to his business partners, or simply paying you cash and buying out your entire estate all at once.

What to Expect in Preparation for an Estate Sale

Once you decide which option works best for you, Roger and his team will make it happen in a timely manner. An additional service is getting the home ready to sell. His team can provide services such as cleaning out the home, painting, and minor repairs needed before you list the home. Finally, Roger in his licensed Realtor capacity can also provide a free broker price opinion on the value of your home and if you choose to have him represent you, he will put his successful marketing plan to work for you.

Organize your Liquidation

Questions and Concerns

Our Promise to You

To help people in a compassionate and caring manner during life’s many transitions.

Our entire team is always here to help you with your local estate sale needs because we know it is more than just an estate sale, it’s a time of life transition. Roger will carefully listen and help you decide which of the liquidation options works best for you.


From Fine Antiques to Everyday Items 

Once we meet with you to understand your desires and timeline, we will facilitate a process that is necessary to help you disperse any belongings your family does not want to keep. Each sale is unique and we will develop a plan to fit your needs.

What do I do with my loved one's belongings?

Your family’s possessions and furniture will need to be cleared out before the home can be sold. If you’re considering taking this on yourself, ask yourself some realistic questions:

  • Do you have the time or experience to value these items?
  • If so, are you emotionally and physically up to the task?

Most people need additional help with estate liquidation. That’s where Massey’s team comes in.


Fast Results: 

Often we can have your liquidation completed in just a few days, and for more extensive sales we can provide you a timeline based on the scope of your needs.


Estate Sale Services:

 We professionally manage estate sales and provide the following:

  • Clean out and prepare the house for sale
  • Arrange for painters or repairs to the home
  • Recycle and donate unwanted items
  •  If you choose I can also act as your real estate agent on the sale of the home
What is Liquidation by a Buy-out?

When your time is limited, many choose estate liquidation by means of a buy-out. Massey Estate Sales will purchase the entire contents.

Entire Estate Purchases

We will offer to buy the whole estate. This may be a good option for you, accomplishing your goals within a few days and receiving a fair price for the items. This is a popular option when you have a firm deadline for having the home emptied out.

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